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'Winer in Switzerland'
January 14-21th 2024


Ahh Switzerland! A country that makes you dream with its castles, its breathtaking landscapes and its wildlife. In the mountains, the snow covers the peaks while in the plains, the milder temperatures provide an ideal wintering area for many species of birds. Come with me on a dream week to discover the wild animals that inhabit this magnificent country!


Switzerland may be small, but it has a huge variety of mammals. During the cold season, these animals are particularly photogenic since they wear their beautiful winter furs. We will go in search of chamois and roe deer in the Jura chain. This vast natural park which offers magnificent panoramas is a must for nature lovers. We will also go in search of ibex that we should have the chance to photograph in the most beautiful snowy settings! Along the way, we will certainly have other nice surprises...


We find in Switzerland an absolutely incredible variety of birds. The mountains that occupy two-thirds of the country are home to particularly interesting alpine species. We will spend two days in the Alps photographing these emblematic mountain species. Then, we will go to the edge of the lakes where we will have the chance to photograph grebes, swans and several species of ducks. We will also visit the reedbeds which are home to several species of birds, including one of the most magnificent in the world, the bearded reedling. Also, owls lovers will be served, as we will visit long-eared owl dormitories where up to twenty individuals can sometimes be observed!

'Birds of Alsace'