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2024 calendars containing my favorite photos taken during the past 12 months. The culmination of many trips and countless hours of waiting in nature in the hope of obtaining the desired shot.

*The calendars are written in french



- 'QUÉBEC SAUVAGE' which is dedicated to our magnificent wildlife with photos taken all over Quebec.

- 'WILD EUROPE' which presents the photos of the most memorable moments during my travels in Europe. (Photos taken in France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria)


• Buy 2 and receive $5 off. Use the Coupon Code: RABAISDUO

• Buy 3 and get $10 off. Use Coupon Code: RABAISTRIO

• Buy 4 and receive $20 off. Use Coupon Code: RABAISCUATRO

2024 Calendars

    • Format 11 X 17 (28cm X 43cm)
    • Binding with spiral.
    • Calendar of 12 months.
    • 12 photos of wild animals.
    • Photos taken across North America.
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