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'Quebec winter magic'
January 6-10th

In winter, the landscapes of Quebec are transformed. A beautiful white carpet covers the floor and the scenery become completely magical. Even if most of the birds have left us and the mammals are more discreet, it's a particularly interesting period for photography. What more beautiful than a wild animal during a snowfall in a beautiful frosty forest? Join me as we go in search of wildlife in the most magical snowy settings!

The owls

No one can resist the charm of owls. These nocturnal predators with their enigmatic eyes mark the imagination. Know that in Quebec we have an exceptional variety with no less than 10 species and winter is the best season to observe them. After years spent looking for these owls, I will be able to guide you to maximize your chances of being able to photograph them in the most beautiful settings.

Winter birds

Although a majority of birds leave Quebec for the winter, some will stay with us to face the cold season. These passerines are particularly active during the winter since they will need to eat more to maintain their energy. On snowstorm days, the scenery is magical and the dozens of birds that come to feed at the feeders offer a remarkable spectacle. With such an abundance, the photographic opportunities are exceptional and we will have the chance to spend 2 days in a hide to photograph them.

Winter and it's surprises...

Winter always comes with a lot of beautiful surprises. Every year is different and that's why we are sure not to be bored! During our 5 days spent in the field in search of wildlife, we will have the opportunity to make wonderful encounters. Perhaps we will come across a flock of hundreds of waxwings, a forest full of hare or curious foxes? One thing is certain, I will be able to guide you to the best places to make these beautiful encounters.


-Group limited to 4 participants

-Duration: 5 days

-Location: Quebec City

-Cost: 1500$cad + tax

-Deposit: $500 when booking


-5 full days in the field

-Advice on photography (settings, light, framing, composition...)

-2 days in a hide to photograph winter passerines.




-Transport to get to Quebec city


-1st payment of $500 to guarantee reservation.

-2nd payment of 50% of remaining balance 6 months before departure.

-3rd payment of the remaining balance 3 months before departure.

Payments are non-refundable once made.


-During this workshop, flexibility will be our best asset. I will rely on my experience, the most recent observations and the weather conditions to plan the schedule for our days. The goal is always to maximize our chances of photographing the coveted species in beautiful winter settings.

-It should be noted that there is never a guarantee of photographing a particular subject, as you never know what to expect with the wilderness.

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