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'Jewels of the Norwegian Arctic'
March 21-29 2025

(Fully booked)

Spring is just around the corner, but winter doesn't let go easily, especially  in northern Norway. The Varanger peninsula along the Barents Sea offers refuge to an exceptional number of birds. This region offers some unique opportunities. Those who'll come with me on this trip will have the chance to discover and photograph this magnificent Arctic wildlife in an absolutely magical setting. 

Seabirds colonies

We'll spend 2 days from sunrise to sunset on an island where over 100,000 seabirds nest every year. Several species share the site, each posing in an exceptional way. The arrival of these birds is so early that we even have the chance to photograph them in winter conditions. Snow-covered landscapes, rough sea waves and steep cliffs provide the most beautiful backdrop. There are plenty of interesting scenes to choose from, and all you have to do is let your imagination run wild!

Nordic ducks

We'll have the pleasure of spending 2 mornings in a floating hide to photograph the world's most coveted ducks. Three species of eider frequent the area: the king eider, which leaves no one indifferent with its extravagant colors, the Steller's eider, which is as beautiful as it is rare, and the common eider, which is present in very large numbers. We're also sure to come across a few surprise species, such as the long-tailed duck. The positioning of the floating hide has been perfectly thought out to provide the best possible shots of these rare specimens. To round off the morning, we'll take a boat out to photograph the ducks in flight.

Along the road

Driving the roads along the Barents Sea, we'll be lucky enough to find several interesting specimens. While the coastline is taken over by flocks of hundreds of purple sandpipers, the windswept plains offer the perfect habitat for mountains hares. Places where a few trees manage to grow provide refuge for hawk owls, and you'll see, they abound!

Northern lights