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'Exploring marshes in kayak

There's no better feeling than getting in the water in the early morning while the sleepy marsh is still lost in mist. We go down the river quietly then the sun rising behind the mountains pierces the fog. In the distance, the call of the loon resounds, nature awakens. After several years spent exploring the magnificent marshes, I have acquired an excellent knowledge of this environment and the animals that live there. Knowing every corner of these places, I can guide you to the best places to observe wildlife. From the arrival of migratory birds in April to the freeze-up in November, there are always great discoveries to be made at the marsh.


Each year, a family of loons nests is nesting on the lake. It is a real pleasure to be able to observe them throughout the reproduction cycle. This family, which has understood for a long time that man is not a threat, offers us dream scenes in enchanting settings. Whether it's a photo on the nest, the dream image of all photographers during which the parents carry the chicks on their backs or the moment when the parents come to feed the chiks, they always amaze us. The photographic opportunities are almost limitless, you just need to have some imagination! We will spend part of the morning photographing these iconic Canadian birds.


In the early morning, while paddling between the tall grass bursting with due, we will discover grandiose landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see. The dead trees of the bog, vestiges of the past offer particularly interesting shots. In summer, the marsh which is adorned with aquatic plants and water lilies becomes particularly photogenic. The mountains that are lost in the mist on the horizon offer scenery that seems straight out of a dream. Come with me to discover these wetlands!