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'Songbirds photography'

In summer, when the vegetation is particularly dense in the forest, you have to be able to rely on your hearing to spot passerines in their nesting area. In the eastern part of the country and more particularly in Quebec, we are fortunate to have a very large number of nesting warblers. These colorful little birds are a delight for photographers. However, they are not easy to photograph, as they are constantly on the move and often in cover. Knowledge of the habitat and song of these birds then becomes essential in order to successfully photograph them. I invite you to accompany me during a morning in the forest where we will go in search of songbirds. I will then teach you the techniques that allow me to spot them and photograph them in a beautiful environment.


-Private workshop (only one participant)

-The workshop takes place in the Quebec region (exact location to be determined)

-Duration: 4 hours (departure 30 minutes before sunrise)

-Cost $300 taxes included

-Offered from May to July


-A guided tour of the place we will choose to visit

-A full morning of photography

-Technical advice on photography

-Advice on how to approach different species

-Advice on composing an image


1. Camera

2. Telephoto (the longest focal length possible)

3. Snack
4. Water bottle
5. Mosquito Repellent


-In summer, as the weeks progress, some birds are very present while others will be more shy. If you have any species you would like to photograph in particular, do not hesitate to contact me so that we can find the best time for you.

-It should be noted that there is never a guarantee of photographing particular subjects, you never know what to expect with the wilderness!


-Cardinal rouge

-Geai bleu

-Junco ardoisé

-Bruant hudsonien

-Mésange à tête noire

-Mésange bicolore

-Chardonneret jaune

-Tarin des pins

-Sizerin flammé

-Tourterelle triste

-Sittelle à poitrine blanche

-Roselin famillier

-Roselin pourpré

-Pic mineur

-Pic chevelu

-Gros-bec errant

-Durbec des sapins

Et peut-être d'autres belles surprises!

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