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'Seeking owls'

Have you, like me, fallen in love with owls? Know that in Quebec we have an exceptional variety with no less than 10 species. Winter is the best season to observe them and what could be more magical than photographing these enigmatic birds in a snowstorm? Join me on a field day in search of these elusive predators.

Les chouettes

There are three species of owls in Quebec. The barred owl, which is by far the most common, the great gray owl and the northern hawk owl. These last two are more difficult to observe, but once winter comes, some of them move towards southern Quebec in search of a territory where to spend the cold season and they will stay there until the arrival of spring. After years of looking for these owls, I will be able to guide you to maximize your chances of being able to photograph them.

Les hiboux

These owls are differentiated from the others by their ear tufts. 3 species are more common in Quebec, the great-horned owl, the long-eared owl and the eastern screech-owl. For these last two species, you have to go to a metropolitan area in order to be able to observe them. The great-horned owl is relatively easy to find, of course you have to know where to look!

Les nyctales

Magnificent little owls with beautiful big eyes. The boreal owl is rare and particularly photogenic and it's not uncommon to see it active during the day, unlike Saw-whet Owl which is much more nocturnal. Both are often perched at eye level and they offer incredible opportunities for photographers who know how to spot them! 

Harfang des neiges